Full Service Option

  • Step 1: Due Diligence  – Every location is different. This 1st step helps determine if your business is eligible for a liquor license. This process will also access your business’s licensing needs, research local and state agency licensing requirements and identify the list of licensing tasks for your location.   
  • Step 2: Site Visit  – We’ll meet with you at the proposed licensing location to walk the site, obtain building plans, take pictures and evaluate any unique features needed for your license. This typically takes anywhere from 45-60 minutes. We know that you are busy so we’ll work around your schedule and respect your time by completing our visit as quickly as possible. We’ll also conduct a due diligence review to determine any unique requirements that may affect your license.  
  • Step 3: Document Submittal  – Our team will contact the licensing agencies and start organizing the submittal package. This will involve gathering, preparing and obtaining the necessary forms and signatures and determining the applicable licensing fees. The team will also review the submittal package with you for any edits prior to final submittal.   
  • Step 4: Agency Review – At this point in the process, both state and local agencies are reviewing your application and typically request clarifications and additional documents. You can be confident, though, that our team will respond and be involved in every aspect of the agency review process and keep you informed of any agency requests. 
  • Step 5: License Approval – This last step typically involves a hearing to receive any public comments about the license issuance and clear any proposed conditions of approval. Our team leads this process and will prepare the necessary documents to secure the approved license after all licensing conditions are met. 

This is a full service package for our customers who would like us to handle everything.  This allows you to continue what you do best – run your business.  So we handle Steps 1 – 5 to obtain your license.  

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To get started and determine pricing options, the first step is to complete the Due Diligence Review.  Once complete, you will know what is required to get your liquor license. To begin this process, press the “Get Started Now” button below.

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