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Whether you opened recently or have been operating for several years, a key component to increasing your revenue is obtaining a liquor license – ASAP. The sooner you obtain your liquor license the sooner you can focus on running your business and increasing your revenue. 

Getting a liquor license requires gathering a lot of documents. We get it. It’s time consuming to collect, organize and complete all these documents, but it’s worth the investment and can greatly benefit your business.  

Due Diligence: Summary Report – Every location is different. This 1st step helps determine if your business is eligible for a liquor license. This process will also assess:

  • Your business’s licensing needs
  • Research state and local agency licensing requirements 
  • Identify the list of the licensing tasks required for your location.

With so many liquor license types, we’ll help determine the best fit for your business and evaluate any unique features such as indoor/outdoor dining, food truck operations, to-go alcohol sales or special events.    

You will be provided a 1-page “Next Steps” summary report with:

  • Requirements specific to local agency location
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Road map to obtain permit

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