5 Step Process For License

1. Due Diligence

Every location is different. This 1st step helps determine if your business is eligible for a liquor license. This process will also assess your business’s licensing needs, research state and local agency licensing requirements and identify the list of the licensing tasks required for your location.

2. Site Visit

This step involves meeting at the proposed licensing location to walk the site, take pictures, gather floor plans and evaluate features needed for your license. This information may help describe the business location, layout and operations of proposed liquor license under state and local agency application(s).

3. Document Submittal

This step involves contacting the state and local licensing agencies to help organize the submittal package, including gathering, preparing and obtaining the necessary forms, signatures and applicable licensing fees.

4. Agency Review

This step involves both the state and local licensing agencies. Both will investigate and review various requirements including completing public noticing, obtaining local zoning approval, receiving and resolving potential protests, and completing final review prior to obtaining license.

5. License Approval

This step involves both the state and local agencies. Prior to getting a license, both agencies will finalize requirements and issue any conditions of approval. The last step may involve the local agency issuing a use permit and the state agency assigning a license number.

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